House of Peace

The game consists of ten (10) modes, each of which stops to explore a chosen theme related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The game consists of pedagogically appropriate and relevant content that opens windows to different parts of the world.

For example, in the Library, children get to know the stories and fairy tales of different countries. These are shared by children and adults. Fairy tales support the positive growth and development of children. The tales give the child the opportunity to practice recognizing and dealing with their feelings and to stop at the usual everyday experiences of children around the world. 

The game allows the child to get to know different emotions, different situations and realities. The teachings contained in fairy tales and the feelings and thoughts evoked in children are deepened through art and play.

Once the children have completed the assignments and returned their own works to the galleries in the houses, they can also view, comment on, and admire the works made by the other children, as well as see how the theme under discussion has been approached and interpreted in different ways. 

When enough assignments are done around the world, children can admire the power of collaboration and watch as trees are planted in the world or schools are built, enable schools to function, equality and protect nature. Let's do good.

The main task of the game is to positively influence children's emotional skills, strengthen social skills and love nature and care for nature. The different houses in the game want to promote the development of skills, the development of communication skills and imagination, and to create hope and strengthen the child's positive idea of ​​themselves, the world and nature 

The Hiphei Hybrid game encourages adults and children to explore the most common plants found in the immediate area, to tell other children about their own daily lives and their surroundings to support a positive nature relationship. Exercising in nature is known to strengthen resilience, reduce stress, soothe and help focus. For a child, nature provides endless terrain for the imagination and the continuation of fairy tales in their own nature games. 

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