Hip Hei Hybridi

Hiphei Hybrid is a storytelling game application for school classes designed for environmental and emotional education that is played in a teacher-led manner. The first version of the game is aimed at 5-8 year olds around the world. The first full version of the game will be completed during the spring of 2022! 

The Hiphei Hybrid combines modern gaming into classroom instruction. Teacher-led play promotes learning and supports the child’s growth towards an individual and community member who values ​​nature, is equal, and understands the diversity of the world. The Hiphei hybrid looks and feels like a game, and not just borrows game elements. Progressive progression in the story, a vivid visual overview, and global interactivity make the Hiphei Hybrid a whole new way to learn things in and out of the classroom environment.

The protagonist of the app is the adventurous Hiphei Hybrid, a fun artificial intelligence robot that, despite its super-intelligence, needs more knowledge and understanding in order to work for the best of the world’s people and nature. Kids and adults using the app will help Hippies. Together, they seek information and learn skills to improve their physical and mental environment. The app is multilingual and combines play, fairy tale and the opportunity for dialogue with other children in the world to protect the environment. 

The game application is free of charge for schools and with the help of the feedback received, the Hiphei Hybrid is being further developed, but the importance of the game application in teaching and learning is also being explored and studied.

The father of the idea, Esko-Pekka Tiitinen, described the birth of the Hiphei Hybrid after receiving the Think Ink Award as follows:

Everything good starts in childhood, so does love for nature. The global transmission of knowledge, skills and experience will help us and future generations to embrace diversity, discover the power of biodiversity and collaboration. "

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